Summer is coming and I know many of you are deciding on what to do this summer and possibly which summer camp to attend. Well Last year I attended Tawheed Summer Camp which is in Michigan. It was well worth the +6 hour flight with 2 kiddos! since we went as a family, we had our own cabin! but if you are going as single person, you will be in shared cabins with other campers. Here is a quote from their website:

“For more than 18 years, Tawheed Camp has been conducting its annual summer camps at various locations in New York, New England, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. The camp will now be permanently located at Camp Taha in Columbiaville, Michigan. With thousands of participants who have been inspired and their lives changed for the better, the two week family camp continues to grow and attract youth from all over the world.”

Last year we were all surprised to see the awesome NBA star Mahmoud Abdul Rauf there at camp, and he had a basketball camp for both girls and boys. It was super fun. and I see on their website they are having him back again this year! These are a few images from my last year’s trip to Camp Taha. for the privacy of campers, I am not sharing any image that has their picture in it. But do go to their website to know more about the camp and inshaAllah register for going there this summer 🙂 I promise the best 2 weeks of your life 🙂 Not just spiritually but good ol fashion fun!


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