All Daisy South California Wedding

It was a grand day to be one of the photographers of these two love birds. The whole family were fun,outgoing and so friendly. I think I had the most fun I ever had at a wedding ( so far! ) – There were so much emotions going on. and of course I loved capturing every second of it.

I couldn’t resist asking this awesome family to pose in the silliest way possible! and i just love the outcome! ↓

This is the first look with Bride’s father. Her dad had no idea and all the bridesmaids did a wonderful job to make this happen. very sneaky but worth it! the mother of the bride was peeking from the door. I felt it was special to have her in the shots. ↓

This treasure box was the cutest idea I have seen in weddings so far. All the immediate family and close friends had written bride and groom a letter on how to have a successful marriage and the box is meant to be close until their anniversary. how special! ↓

First look with the groom, he was sweating and nervous and he is soo in love with his bride, he was telling me how he is going to try and hold the tears in, but no he couldnt, he had tears all the way and was the cutest, most romantic scene i have ever seen. ↓

Loved the open ceremony. 🙂 ↓

This hug was very special in my eyes.bride is hugging his brother who also married the couple 🙂 ↓

The Reception was the funnest! Can you tell?!

And cutting the cake have never been so cute!

Thank you to Edith Elle Photography for having me there as the second photographer.

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