Photojournalistic Wedding

UH, The freedom of taking any kind of picture you want!! yes, I had that privilege in Tara & John’s wedding to do the magic! I loved every minute of it. Beautiful Location, Gorgeous bride, and in love groom! cute flower girl and handsome ring bearer!

Bride’s sister also did all the flower arrangements, my goodness, she did an outstanding job considering she was the maid of honor! This couple were so loved, you could see it in everyone’s eyes.

The venue was at the Mission Inn in Riverside which I will be posting a blog and my review of the venue soon.

Photojournalism Have always been that scary area where I never dared to go. I am sure if a true photojournalist see this post will have a lot to tell me! so please if you are one, I would love to get some CC! I enjoy being invisible at the wedding, like you are not there and then have everything documented. Have you ever seen these old historic movies where it is showing  the King is sitting on the thrown and is saying whatever he has to say and there is this guy at the very corner, he is holding his feathery pen and writing down what is going on in the palace! documenting everything! that is how I felt like! I felt like that dude! he is not a dude but you know what I mean! I really hope I have more brides requesting this style as I think no one can capture your special day like a photojournalist.

Ofcourse I had to make almost everything into black and white! It just matched the sense of the scene!!

Thank you for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “Photojournalistic Wedding

  1. Wow, Atiyeh, beautiful work!! I like this journalistic style too. Is it all natural light? Great job! Love, Ellen

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